Thursday, October 18, 2012

1983 Topps Baseball Album Stickers

Hey an Angel on the wrapper!
That's Reggie Jackson, whiffing no doubt.

Got his pack as part of a lot of different 80's packs on Listia.
The glue, or crimping, or whatever holds the front of the pack to the back of the pack was virtually missing and it fell apart in my hands.  I don't suspect any tampering though. 

#34 Dennis Eckersley

#176 Steve Charlton.
Did Steve's half of the sticker-star connect to the previous number #175 Jim Palmer?

#225 Dick Tidrow.

#42 Geoff Zahn.

#228 Dan Driessen.

There was a foil version of each sticker, though not necessarily inserted 1 per pack.
My was #51 Greg Luzinski.

I did a pretty good job, 6-for-6 guessing who the players were without their names on the front.
Years of flipping baseball cards will do that for you.
And it's always a fun challenge.

The back of the stickers had the name of the player and repeated the sticker number as well.


hiflew said...

I had this album. It was one of my first baseball collectibles. One correction though. The foil stickers weren't made for every player, just the appointed "star" of each team. If my memory is correct of course.

Fuji said...

Every year, I'd buy these albums and every year I'd fall well short of the set.

Thanks for sharing!

rose99 said...

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Jason Presley said...
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