Thursday, October 04, 2012

2010 Topps Heritage

I'm not sure how no one has posted a pack of 2010 Heritage here yet. I guess it's possible it was eaten by the internet monster. This was in a $9.99 repack box from Target that I enjoyedverymuchthankyouverymuch.

29 - Reid Gorecki - Gorecki was a Cardinals draft pick who finally broke into the majors with Atlanta. He never played a regular season game with the Yankees and is in independent ball now.

95 - Migeul Cabrera - Here's Mr. Triple Crown himself.

336 - Francisco Rodriguez - K-Rod is proudly sporting the Domino's Pizza logo on his sleeve.

406 - Mickey Mantle Baseball Thrills

281 - Cody Ross - This card was all chewed up and will be used as de facto packing material. I got 9 cards in the pack back before Topps traded the bubble gum for a 9th card, so I am going to guess this got jammed in some machine and was slipped in by mistake.

293 - Felix Hernandez - It was a remarkable season for pitchers, and unfortunately I see King Felix coming up short on Cy Young votes this time around. Stupid pitching wins are still a thing.

225 - Mike Scioscia - AHHH! Extreme close-up!

415 - Luke Hochevar

455 - Bronson Arroyo - It's a short print and I needed it, so this pack is a win for me!

My want list for this set is up to date if anyone has any SPs or inserts collecting dust.

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