Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1994-95 SkyBox Premium Basketball Series 2

Much like with baseball cards, I missed out completely on the mid-'90s and the aftermath of the overproduction era. Unlike baseball, however, I still know very little about what happened to hoops cards in the years that I stopped collecting. I do know that people tend to like shiny gaudy '90s inserts and Michael Jordan cards. I guess not that much has changed.

339 - Kenny Anderson Sky Pilots - Right off the bat, I can tell that there's going to be a lot of subset cards to justify a second series in a sport that is much shorter on players than baseball. This still has the familiar SkyBox graphic design look and feel.

269 - Sharone Wright - Nothing says '90s like that horrid "ROOKIE" font. I have no idea who this guy is.

285 - Vincent Askew - Every time I post a Sonics card here I seem to have to rant about it. I won't. It just sucks. I'm glad David Stern is on his way out the door.

323 - John Starks Sky Shots - He was never the biggest star, but if you know '90s basketball you know exactly who John Starks is. And you probably hate him, unless you liked the Knicks, or liked playing as the Knicks in Tecmo NBA Basketball.

293 - Juwan Howard - He's no Webber, but here's a familiar face. It's a rookie card of another Fab Fiver, one who stuck it out in the league longer than anyone on that team.

DP25 - Greg Minor Draft Pick - Even though I don't think their draft cards were ever particularly rare, by making them inserts, I think SkyBox pioneered the annoying "We're Going to Make Your Precious Rookie Cards Hard to Get For Some Reason" movement.

SU18 - Dikembe Mutombo Slammin' Universe - Is this flashy enough for you? I was in the Adidas headquarters employee store the other day and noticed this guy still has his own shoe. It might be a throwback, though.

223 - Dale Ellis - He could knock down a 3.

 261 - Charlie Ward - Eek, a Heisman winner!

306 - Larry Johnson Sky Slams - Something something Grandmama something something.

275 - Jerome Kersey - Hands down, the best card in the pack (if you ask me.)

221 - Jason Kidd - Whatever you say, Jason Kidd rookie card. You're a lousy coach.

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Grant said...

Not for nothing, but that was a really good pack in 1994.