Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter

2014 greetings everyone! When was the last time I posted here? One year ago? Two years ago?

At any rate, it's been too long.

So I thought I'd start out 2014 right and post something from 2013. Believe it or not, nobody opened a pack of 2013 Allen and Ginter on this blog in 2013. I think that's some sort of commentary on Allen and Ginter ... or this blog ... or watching pack rips. ... or blogging about cards. ... I'm getting depressed. Let's open the pack.

This is a simple retail pack of A&G. It wasn't even purchased by me. It was sent to me by jacobmrley of Starting Nine. Thanks very much, Max.

Here's what is inside:

#265 - A.J. Ellis, Dodgers

This is an excellent start. This is one of the last two Dodgers that I need to complete the team set. A.J.'s glove is telling you he's an All-Star. But he wasn't. Still, he was a lot better than expected.

#94 - Billy Butler, Royals

"Country Breakfast" is the greatest nickname in sports today. Whoever started it needs a prize. And please don't tell me it was Chris Berman.

#195 - Derek Norris, A's

It wouldn't be a pack opened by night owl without an Oakland A's player in it.

#82 - Roberto Clemente, Pirates

It's still disconcerting pulling cards of legends and middling players like Norris in the same pack.

Clemente died 41 years ago yesterday, RIP.

#218 - Zack Cozart, Reds, A&G-back mini

There is a vacancy for #218 in my A&G mini frankenset. Yay!!!

#ATTY-DJ - Derek Jeter, Yankees, Across The Years insert

It almost seems like Jeter is retired these days.

Well that was a pretty successful pack. I needed every one of those cards. The Jeter's available if anyone cares.

But judging how no one rushed to get A&G up here, I'm assuming no one does.

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hiflew said...

Na, Berman would come up with something like "Billy Butler did it" and then he would repeat it at least 5 time a day from now until the end of time. As we all know, jokes are often funnier when they are repeated over and over again.