Friday, January 17, 2014

Fairfield Sports Chicago Fan Box, Pack III: 2012 Bowman Chrome


Hope everyone's ready for the weekend.  Time for the last of the three packs from my Fairfield box.  Oh, you forgot?  One more time...a Fairfield Sports Chicago Fan Box was in my Christmas stocking:

I've seen these $12 boxes at Target for a while and even thought about picking one up to see who'd I get.  I mean, look at the box...Soriano and Dawson!  The sides of the box (not pictured) have even more stars...Billy Williams!  Fergie Jenkins!  Ernie Banks!  Multi-patch cards!  It can't be that bad...right?

Since I was in the Christmas spirit, I decided to scan the cards from all three packs for you to enjoy.  I saved the best for last (if best means a pack that has yet to be posted here)...2012 Bowman Chrome!

Guess which one is Yu and which one is Bryce?
3 cards per pack, 220 cards in the base set, lots of Refractors.  I only get Bowman when they're in the clearance bin or if one falls out of a repack box, like here.  Here's what I got:

#152 - Heath Bell
#FAS-BT - Carlos Beltran / Oscar Taveras
#BCP175 - Taylor Siemens

The odds for the All-Stars card is 1:18 packs.  Bowman Chrome has Prospect cards 111 through 220; you'd have to purchase 2012 Bowman Baseball for the first 110 cards.

Here's the backs of all 3 cards, since there's only 3 cards in the pack:

Anyway, that's the pack.  Enjoy championship weekend; I'll try to get the final Fairfield post up before next week, since the packs may get football intensive for the Super Bowl.  Thanks for reading!

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