Friday, August 28, 2015

1994 Benchwarmers Series 2

I posted early 1992 Benchwarmers, this post is the other packs I purchased 2 of 1994 series II Benchwarmers.  As with the 1992 set I know none of these women but I have seen one before Kristen Rose (3rd & 4th pictures upper right) as she was in the Queensryche video "Jet City Women".  I wouldn't have purchased these but for 20 cents a pack why not! I do like that there are different pictures on front and back would like that to be true on all sports cards but not always the case. Also, the card subjects are all better looking the Terrell Suggs! Set has 100 cards and there were 8 cards per pack.

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madding said...

NO NUDITY! was basically a big selling point?