Saturday, August 22, 2015

1999-2000 Upper Deck hockey series 2

What you have to love about a repack box is the old time junk wax that shows up. Sure, you get a lot of the current stuff, or the previous year's, but at least a couple packs have some years on them. That's the story of this pack what I pulled from a Target 10 pack hockey repack. This is the same box that gave us the 2003 Pacific Quest for the Cup a week ago here at APTBNL.

The Great One. He was on a LOT of hockey packs for many, many years. I haven't decided if seeing him as a Ranger or a Blue is more of a shock. Currently, as a Blue is the leader, but mainly because of the dreadful sweaters. Game used cards are a possible pulls, and goalie pads were inserts. 10 cards. Here we go...

Not a great design. The images, as always, are great selections by the UD team. The clunky bar at the bottom, with the impossible to read bronze foil does nothing to make this set nice to look at. And the whole last name/first name deal is garbage. Standard UD logo stamped in a top corner.

I miss CCM as the outfitter of the NHL. None of that BS Coolbase Reebok crap that gave us the Bettman stripes. That is not to say the Sharks had good looking uniforms back in the day. Woof!

"Hi - we're the LA Kings. After we traded away Gretzky, we are trying to find ourselves again. How do you like purple?"

"No? What if we switched the colors on the template and changed up the logo a bit?" Note the kid in the background in the Avs sweater. I am certain this is a game in Denver, so the old days when the teams wore white at home.

"We traded away the greatest hockey player ever too. Let's mess around with a classic sweater...."

I'm not sure the insert rate of these Starquest. The embossed numbers are kind of cool. But the design is quite busy with them.

I got two things about this card. One, I will avoid my Devils green rant. And two - screw Scott Stevens.

What ever happened to Anson Carter? He really became a journeyman after the 2000 season.

I get a Red Wing in every pack I open.

Not too bad at the end of the pack. And the backs...

Different photo and full career stats - Woo-hoo!!! Emma Stone approves!

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