Friday, August 07, 2015

2005 Topps Heritage

Whoa - been too long since we had a post, and I have a crapton of stuff to post. If you read my blog, 1) thank you and 2) you get the story of how I came across 2 packs of this product in my basement. I posted a few cards there, but to do this all proper-like, I need to show a full pack on APTBNL. bright. Man, the 50's were an era of really bright things. All that nuclear stuff going on. As you know, the 2005 Heritage release was a homage to the 1956 design, all horizontal, except for the insert that weren't! 8 cards in a pack, with less if you got a hit. Plus bubble gum! Let's go.

About the only fault I have with the cards in the background image. In the '56 release, they were always action shots. There are posed shots in Heritage, and that sets it back just a bit from the original. Sure, it's a great design - good layout, large portrait, name and team in nice contrasting colors with easy to read fonts. It's just the cards without the action shot are too stale.

YES!!! That's a '56 Topps. And it's so pretty, with the washed out colors and the blurred image. I may have to look back and grab a set of the '05 Heritage. And possibly build the '56 set.

That is not to say ALL action shots are good. What's with the multitude of empty seats? The background images on the 1956 set, from what I can recall, showed the players and the field. Nothing of the stands. I could be wrong in this, though.

Smile, Placido.

Were there manager cards in the original?

Here is one of the insert sets in the product. Insert sets, to me, are far less about the honoring of the original and more about pushing the completest to purchase more cards. Thank goodness for ebay, Sportlots, JustCommons and the others. The colors here aren't bad, but being vertical is just silly. It's a horizontal set for cripe's sake.The vertical inserts are not a good thing with this release.

Meh at best.

Hey!! I pulled a White Sox, and a PC guy to boot. I would love to ask Crede why he decided to go from pajama pants to high cuffs. Card backs...

Full player name and bio information. Just the previous year stats and a total, just like 1956. Plus you get 3 comics. Ahhhh, the good old days. I could nitpit the backs and say the comics are a little too neat compared to the old, but it's more a sign of the times that they are cleaner. Think Disney cartoon 1956 compared to 2005 .

So no hit, but I did pull this-

I get my gum, and for 10 year old gum, it is still fresh. Thinking about chewing it...

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night owl said...

There are some manager cards in '56 Topps. I don't think all the teams are represented.