Tuesday, April 05, 2016

2015 Bowman

Here's another one from the Packs You Swore You Saw On APTBNL But Didn't vault. Apparently, we never got around to this set. Bowman has a short base set, plus a Prospects set and a Chrome Prospects set. It's the usual deal, although they went heavy on the prospects and light on the main set last year for some reason.

14 - Zack Wheeler - Sorry Mets fans. Zack Wheeler and Matt Harvey will never be healthy at the same time. Their contracts secretly forbid it.

42 - J.J. Hardy - I think he was on my fantasy team like 8 years ago.

BCP146 - Raul Alcantara Chrome Prospects

BCP7 - Roman Quinn Chrome Prospects

BP70 - Carlos Asuaje Prospects

BP68 - Raimel Tapia Prospects - Here's a look at the back. You've been briefed.

RRI-CB - Carlos Baerga RC Flashback - This is an interesting insert card. It's a refractor and it feature's Baerga's minor league stats and "Bowman Briefing" on the back as if it were 1990 all over again, but the design is current.

BP49 - Sal Romano Prospects - He's got that all important 1st Bowman logo.

118 - Yan Gomes - Back to the big league guys.

55 - Justin Turner - We end things with Justin Turner because sometimes you get Justin Turner.

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