Monday, October 14, 2013

2003 Fleer Tradition Retail


Ten years ago today, this happened:

The Wifey and I were sitting on the first base side and we all thought briefly that Moises Alou caught the ball.  It's a shame what happened to that kid.  That's all I have to say about that.

Here's a pack from that year...2003 Fleer Tradition Retail!

I don't see the old Target discount sticker on the back, so I assume it's from a repack box.  It's a 485 card set with 100 of those cards being Short Printed.  Here's what I got:

No # - Sluggers Card (not pictured, but you can see it in the picture of the pack above)
#162 - Felix Escalona
#192 - Shea Hillenbrand
No # - Checklist (some player's knee)
No # - Fleer dummy card (not pictured).

Pretty plain-looking cards, but that's the point since they were honoring the 1963 set.  My 2 year old Beckett says there are checklist cards of Derek Jeter and Barry Bonds, so I guess you have to get a bunch of checklists in order to put the puzzle together.  I'm assuming I got a Jeter card.

#273 - Mark Kotsay
#232 - Damon Minor
#215 - Jeromy Burnitz

Sorry for the scanner eating the borders again.  Moving on...

#301 - Roger Clemens
#321 - Fernando Tatis
#413 - Jose Rijo
#448 - Marcus Thames (Prospect)

Not a very exciting pack.  I did get Jeter's leg and a one-time sure Hall of Famer, so at one time it was a decent pack.  Here are a couple of card backs:

Anyway, that's all for now.  Enjoy the playoffs (how about that Ortiz grand slam with Torii Hunter flipping over the wall?) and thanks for reading!

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