Thursday, October 17, 2013

2001 Topps Archives Series 2

Long ago, Topps Archives was a beautiful thing, rather than the floppy mess of a tribute set that it is today. I think we're still better off with it in its current state than without it, but it's never going to be my favorite set to collect until they somehow find a way to not make it seems like it's a compromise. This set is all about thick reproductions of older Topps cards with a glossy finish for some reason. And there's the gold logo. Not bad!

348 - Clete Boyer (1971) - Like many of these cards, the classicly fickle 1971 design looks a little weird with all of the gloss.

398 - Bill Buckner (1988) - When you think of Bill Buckner, you think of him as an Angel on an '88 Topps card, right? No? Didn't he do something in the playoffs at some point?

397 - Cecil Cooper (1988) - It's weird that 1988 Topps was considered worth "archiving". I have a full 1988 Topps set that I would sell to anyone for $5 if it didn't cost triple that amount just to ship.

433 - 1961 AL Batting Leaders (1962) - I think I got the card number right. They are seriously hard to read as Topps tried to make them as small as possible as to not intrude on the design of the original card they were remaking. Floating heads = always great.

449 - Robert Clemente World Series (1972) - Such a great card and... hey, look, that's somebody's blurry backside!

231 - George Kell (1952) - George Kell was a famous broadcaster and Hall of Fame player. The 1952 design never gets old... just ask Topps!

242 - Roy Face (1953) - I do prefer the 1952 set design to the first(ish) Topps issue. My girlfriend loves Roy Face, or his name at least, for reasons which I cannot really explain here.

229 - Bob Feller (1952) - Whenever I think of Feller, I think of an article from an old Beckett magazine that I had when I was a kid that was titled "He was a pretty fast Feller".

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