Saturday, August 15, 2009

1991 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

This set had a total of 600 cards. They were released in two 300-card series. These were (and still are) nice-looking cards. I like them a lot better than the Upper Decks. This was about when I started teaching high school. First-year teachers don't make a whole lot of money, so I didn't buy any of these when they first came out. It would be fun to break a couple of boxes and collect a set of these cards.
#374 Rob Ducey, #445 John Cerutti

#481 Jamie Moyer, #312 Bob Melvin

#550 Jeff Hamilton, #428 Greg Swindell

#477 Dave Eiland, #495 Juan Samuel (I still can't get used to him in Dodger blue)

#383 Ivan Calderon, #505 Tony Pena

#415 Nelson Santovenia, #447 Jack Morris

Here is an example of the backs. I like seeing a picture of the player's rookie card on the backs of these cards. It's a nice tie-in to the past.

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Captain Canuck said...

I sold these when they first came out. Not very popular in the Great White North... the collation is HORRIBLE. Count on three boxes with lots of traders.