Saturday, April 28, 2012

2002 Topps Gallery Hobby Edition Baseball

2002 Topps Gallery is today's pack. The package advertises "A SETBUILDER'S MASTERPIECE"!

Autos and Relics fall at 1:44 packs. Let's see what we yield.
Yay, an advertising insert! This tells you all about how to bid on Topps stuff on eBay. Obviously all of this series' stuff was sold long ago.
First we have the outspoken Jurassic Carl. Famous more for his words than his actions, but a good player nonetheless.
Photobucket Neifi Perez is next. One gold glove and about 1,300 hits for him in 12 seasons.
And here's Lance Berkman. I don't like Lance Berkman. I don't really have a reason. Photobucket
Eric Chavez. A guy with a great glove and slightly-above-mediocre hitting, despite the fact that he hit for the cycle.
Hideo Nomo. The first of many Japanese pitchers who were highly paid and had very short peaks in the MLB before fading into obscurity.
Deivis Santos. I can't find any info on this guy.

So there it is.

I will say this... if you were to wipe down these cards to make them less glossy they would make very good TTM autograph cards. The "paintings" look better than the current Gypsy Queen paintings which usually zombify the players, at least in my opinion. I'm overall unimpressed by this pack.


GamerRoy said...

Hackenbush said...

I like the idea of the set but your pack kind of sucked.

Kicky Sam said...

That it did, Hackenbush. That it did.