Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2013-14 Panini Rookie Anthology

Soon, licensed Panini cards in the hockey realm will be but a fond memory. As much as we like the exclusive Topps baseball license (re: sucks), I am sure this exclusive releases to UP for NHL cards will be just as fantastic (re: more sucks). But until there is no more Panini, let's enjoy them. And enjoy the fact that Panini decided to do a full on dump of all memorabilia and auto cards in their last few releases.

My wife and daughter chipped in for a Father's Day gift of a box of Rookie Anthology this year. It comes 10 packs to a box, 5 cards be pack. Guaranteed 4 hits, though I have seen 5, and other people have seen as many as 7 hits in a box. Let's post what was, to me, the best of the 10 in my box.

Wrapper. Boring. Blue. Silver. White. Dual rookie. We done? Good. Moving on.

Crisp images on an ok background. I prefer the ice surface behind the players. but I think Panini likes to focus on the one player alone. Whatever. Not too much foil - just the name and the logo/lines at the bottom. No too shabby a design. The color bar behind the player is gradated. You'll see it better in another card. Simple team logo upper right. Jeff likes this.

Now you see the background gradation. Eh - I could do without it. Martin need to step aside - Cory is the future in the Devils nets.

Here's the backs. If I asked you to mock up what you thought the back would be like, I am sure you all would have gotten about 70-80% correct, just missing out on the player stats.

Here comes the dump. Of the 5 cars in the pack, two are not Anthology, unless it's an Anthology hit. I was pulling Prizm, Score inserts (like this, gold and black borders), Select - you name it. It's a Red Wing. In fact...

Yeah - two Dead Wings in the same pack. "But Jeff - you said this was the best out of the box. Did you go all turncoat on your beloved Blackhawks?" Nope, cuz this baby saved the pack, and made the box.

OH YEAH!!!! Luxury Suite is another card set you can pull. Plus I pulled some Titanium hits. This baby was sandwiched between the two flying tires. It's a beautiful in person as you would think.

If you visit my blog, you can see the rest of the hits from my box, plus a few packs of the product too.

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