Saturday, September 06, 2014

1991 Pro Set Football Series 1

NFL season is here and time rip packs. Let's go back to the early 90s with 1991 Pro Set football. The pack contains WLAF (which became NFL Europe) subset. I will list those as WLAF.

No Pro Set football pack is complete with these scratch off win cards. You can get points to redeem and purchase items from their free gazette. I did sub to them when they were around.

 WLAF 1 - Barcelona Dragons - played from 1991-1992 and 1995-2003 going to four World Bowls winning only once. Team folded after 2003 season.

WLAF 2 - Birmingham Fire - went to playoffs in their only two seasons in the league before folding.

WLAF 32 - Greg Gilbert - played two season in the league. Never made on NFL field.

398 - Carl Lee - All NFC team card illustrated by Merv Corning

362 - Dale Hamer - even referees got their own cards. Time hone up penalty signals.
23 - Chuck Noll -  celebrating the late legendary coach reach to 200 wins.

356 - Gerald Austin

45 - Marcus Allen - Pro Set sure goes all out on who's who in the game and the awards they won

191 - Howie Long - ready to here his pre and post game analysis.

249 - Ken O'Brien - one of QBs drafted in the first round of infamous 1983 draft. He happen to be one of players that made me long suffering Jets fan. While he was no Elway and Marino he can sure throw.

214 - Richmond Webb

156 - Don Majkowski - The Majik man was starting QB before injuries gave way to Brett Favre era

193 - Jay Schroeder - former 1st round pick of MLB draft his baseball career never got going. Switched to NFL where he had moderate success.

76 - Kent Hull - anchor of offensive line that open holes up for Thurman Thomas.

100 - Kevin Butler

89 - Jeff Wright

80 - Nate Odomes

Ready for some football?


Jason Presley said...

I never knew that about Jay Schroeder! In all the blog posts and forum discussions about multi-sport players, I don't think I've ever seen his name come up before. As it turns out, he actually has three minor league baseball cards from his time with the Kinston Blue Jays.

madding said...

It's funny to think of a time when I actually liked the Packers, but, yeah... there it was.

Todd Uncommon said...

Around the time the WLAF gave up on its financially unsupportable cross-country-and-Atlantic schedule and became NFL Europe in 95, I think the Birmingham Fire finally turned into the Rhein Fire. For some reason, Germany really got into NFL Europe there for a while...