Friday, January 23, 2015

2012 Leaf Young Stars

I bought a box off of Ebay for about $10 these boxes contain 20 packs with six cards per.  The box states 2 autographs per box, which was one of the features that made me at least think about purchasing, the strange thing is the autographs weren't in the packs they were in sleeves and top loaders and in a team bag with the 20 packs.  Not sure if anyone else has seen the autos placed this way but would have been better in the packs. The front design of the cards I like and the stock and gloss of the card will handle autographs nicely, all the players are shown in their college uniforms with no logos.  The backs have no stats and only a modest information nothing to detailed but at least the school and the height and weight is stated.

Box of 2012 Leaf Young Stars

Unopened Pack
The 2 Autographs in the box

2012 Leaf Young Stars Front of Cards

2012 Leaf Young Stars Back of Cards

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