Thursday, December 30, 2010

1995 Pinnacle Series 2

Ah, the mid-'90s. One of my favorite subjects. Museum Collection! Red Hot! Artist's Proof! White Hot! New Blood! None of those inserts and/or parallels will be found here. Instead... some other cards.

241 - Jeff Blauser (Jeff, Jeff, bo-beff, banana-fana fo-feff, fee-fi-mo-meff. Jeff!)

312 - Jose Offerman (Jose, Jose, bo-bose, banana-fana fo-fose, fee-fi-mo-mose. Jose!)

279 - Shawn Green Swing Men (Shawn, Shawn, bo-bawn, banana-fana fo-fawn, fee-fi-mo-mawn. Shawn!)

287 - Manny Ramirez Swing Men (This one's fun. Manny, Manny, bo-banny, banana-fana fo-fanny, fee-fi-mo-anny. Manny!)

272 - Barry Bonds (Barry, Barry, bo-barry, banana-fana fo-farry, fee-fi-mo-marry. Barry!)

419 - Gabe White (Gabe, Gabe, bo-babe, banana-fana fo-fabe, fee-fi-mo-mabe. Gabe!)

414 - Russ Davis (Russ, Russ, bo-buss, banana-fana fo-fuss, fee-fi-mo-muss. Russ!)

368 - Carl Everett (Carl, Carl, bo-barl, banana-fana fo-farl, fee-fi-mo-marl. Carl! I DON'T BELIEVE IN DINOSAURS!)

436 - Kent Mercker (Kent, Kent, bo-bent, banana-fana fo-fent, fee-fi-mo-ment. Kent!)

374 - Dennis Martinez (Dennis, Dennis, bo-bennis, banana-fana fo-fennis, fee-fi-mo-mennis. Dennis!)

342 - Eddie Murray (Eddie, Eddie, bo-beddie, banana-fana fo-feddie, fee-fi-mo-meddie. Eddie!)

358 - Steve Karsay (Steve, Steve, bo-beve, banana-fana fo-feve, fee-fi-mo-meve. Steve!)


Daniel said...

I was waiting on a Chuck Finley card to see how you handled the song. Oh well!

Community Gum said...

I had never heard the Carl Everett quote before. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the Truthosaurus. -Andy