Friday, August 15, 2014

1978 Topps Superman: The Movie (Series 1)

The man of steel! Today, I've got a pack of 1978 Topps Superman: The Movie cards! These come from the days when Topps was printing anything they could onto bits of cardboard, and we ate it all up!

Each card features a still from the movie or a stand-alone shot of an actor. The fronts have a white border surrounding the photo. There is a Superman logo jutting into a corner of each photo.

Each card features a saying or the name of an actor and the character they portray.  There is also copyright info for DC Comics and a copyright date of 1978.

In the lower corner of the front, each card has a number and a series of stars. They are also miscut in traditional 70's  fashion as you can see in the card above!

The stars on the front tell you whether or not the back has text or a puzzle piece. If the card has one star on the front, then it is a puzzle card. If there are two, then there is some kind of text on the back.

The cards with text on the back have things like "Story Summary No. 3 of 3" or "Movie Facts" on them. The backs feature the Superman:The Movie logo, an ALL-CAPS header, a paragraph regarding whatever is being discussed, and a blue field with stars and planets at the bottom. A red "S" logo centers the bottom section. There is more copyright info as well.

The cards are perfectly 70's - from the stock to the images to the overall "quality" involved.

The card below has 70's vixen written all over it. I'm sure that was sexy then...

Superman may be leaping into action, but he looks like he is holding up a rock with one out-stretched hand. Or at least lifting it out of the way...

Margot Kidder looks like she just lost her best friend... or her dog.

In addition to the 10 cards, we get a sticker! We pulled the Man of Steel himself! As in other 70's sticker sets, this one features a bold border around the main subject.

I won an auction with four (4) of these packs, though I have only busted this one. I suppose if there is a demand for it, I could post about the other packs. If not, they will probably go in some giveaway down the road.

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