Saturday, August 30, 2014

2012 Zerboz Tree House Kids Marvel Heroes Series 2


I have no idea what constitutes a "pack" on here, so I use the general rule of thumb that if I have to open it and I do not know ahead of time what is init, then it's a pack. Heck, even if I *did* know what was in it, I think it would still be a pack. basically, if it comes wrapped up and is collectible, then it's a pack, right?

I dunno. In any case, I saw this at Walmart for $0.50, so I grabbed it. Turns out, it was cut even further and only cost $0.25. 

I am not sure just what to list as the make and model, as I have no idea what these are. According to the TINY print on the ball's wrapper, these are made by Treehouse Kids. I don't know what Zerboz is, but that also appears on the label, so I am including it.

Let's see what's inside:

Yeah, I have no idea. So, I Googled him. He is "Dardevil." I assume there is some significance to his particular position.

Well, there ya go. A tiny little rubber man in a tiny little plastic blue ball. Maybe one of you is getting much more out of this than I.

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Goose Joak said...

Love the write up. Hilarious.