Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2013 BBM Japanese Baseball

 During one of my trips I found a pack of this at card shop. Consists of 10 cards with names in english while rest in Japanese. Selling point is that Tanaka card.

230 - Nobuhiko Matsunaka - cards are glossy with super sick photography. The back featured player photo, stats, team logo, and the league they belong in. I assume bold black numbers meaning the player lead the league.

284 - Toshiaki Imae

 308 - Steve Hammond - American player. Made to it AAA ball before heading to Japan.

168 - Naoki Miyanishi

19 - Yoshitomo Tani

325 - Shinnosuke Abe (MVP) - MVP of league card. One of players featured heavily on World Baseball Classic sets. He was one of players I always get in those 2008 Bowman packs.

381 -Motonobu Tanishige -  A card of Golden Glove winner.

351 - Hisashi Takeda - I assume the saves leader for 2012.

CW56 - Masaru Takeda (Crosswind) - Front and back of this card. Not sure if this insert set.

CW37 - Takahiro Arai (Crosswind) - second Crosswind card.

Good look at BBM Japanese baseball league cards.

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Jason Presley said...

For the last few years, BBM has been doing a multi-product "Cross-something" set based on he elements. They spread the inserts across several products (sort of like how UD did with the Yankee Stadium Legacy set) in an effort to get collectors to buy more stuff. One year it was in the base sets, the next in the yearly team pack-issued sets, the next in the small boxed sets (Blast, it was tough and expensive to find), another year in the premium sets, etc.

So far there has been:

2010 Cross Stream (water)
2011 Cross Blast (earth, literally an explosion of dirt as the background)
2012 Cross Blaze (fire)
2013 Cross Wind (air)

Each year there was also an autographed version called "Cross Signing".

In 2014, they've run out of elements, so the theme is space with "Cosmic Cross".