Friday, August 15, 2014

1975 Topps ABC's Wide World of Sports Stickers

I found this pack of sports intrigue while looking for unique things we haven't opened. This is a single pack of 1975 Topps ABC's Wide World of Sports Stickers. The right edge says "Tear carefully along perforation to open," but the bottom of the wrapper was open, so the stickers slid right out.

The stickers are a whopping 5"x7" (slightly larger, really)! They feature a large photo area depicting an action shot. This is surrounded by a colored border. Both of mine were red, but there are also blue borders.

Within the border, copyright info for ABC and Topps is printed in black. The ABC Sports logo adorns each sticker. There is a small number on each as well. The tennis player above is number 8. The relay race below is number 20.

The backs are blank and happen to be about the most pristine color of white I've seen in a long time. The stickers are also stuck to the backing very well! Not bad for something from '75.

There are 24 stickers in all, according to the back of the wrapper these came in. Very interesting. Now, where to stick them...


Fuji said...

I just grabbed a couple packs of this stuff on eBay, because they guy had combined shipping. Didn't realize they were so big. Great action shots.

Billy Kingsley said...

Could you tell me what auto racing is included on the checklist? I see the Indy car on the pack, but I'm wondering what else may be in there. Thanks!

Fuji said...

Billy - According to Beckett... there are five racing related cards: #8 Indy Car Crash, #9 Indy Car Racing, #11 Motocross, #12 Motorcycle Racing, and #19 Top Fuel Dragster. Hope this helps.