Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Press Pass NASCAR

The new chase format will soon decide the champion in this year's NASCAR schedule. I watch super little of the sport. If I see it as I am channel surfing, I'll stop for a couple minutes, then on I go. My mom was a HUGE Jeff Gordon fan, so maybe he can pull out the series this year in her honor. From another LCS pack war, and chosen by, let's see it.

My mom's track partner when they went to races, Suzy, is a big Dale fan, so she would like the wrapper. Hits as can be expected with the releases nowadays. Gentlemen, start your ripping!

Ugh. I am glad I don't collect race cards - not a fan of this design. The "border" at the bottom is too large and clunky. Full bleed, but really - what can you put on a card for auto racing besides a boring portrait style photo.

And shades. Lots and lots and LOTS of dudes wearing their shades. I wonder: if a driver changes teams in the off season, will they shop out all the sponsors on their fire suit?

Some kind of insert. Ya know - with the different font, the whole polygon thing kind of looks better.

I think there is a law that each pack must have a Danica card. And Press Pass, if you want to talk snapshots, let me help you find a few to use instead of that.

I think the companies that plaster their suits should subsidize the card printing the reduce the costs.

I was going to be snarky, but making a joke about an unfortunate death isn't funny.

Here's the back of Stewart's card. Still not liking the design, with that wedge feature, but it's a decent back with a nice image of the car.

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Anonymous said...

the award to the fastest sucking beach to 2014 is acorded tooo.....danica patrick.