Thursday, June 11, 2009

1978 Topps Mork and Mindy

In 1978 Topps produced a set of Mork and Mindy cards. The set had 99 cards and 22 stickers. I often wonder how the number of cards is determined. Each pack had 10 cards and 1 sticker.
I always hated quote bubbles (or thought bubbles) on cards. I'd rather have an unobstructed picture and maybe a title at the bottom.
Mork and Mindy spent a lot of time on the couch.
I am guessing the second was one of many times someone almost caught on to Mork's identity and thus forced some zany antics from all to cover for Mork...or maybe it was just a costume party episode.
More hilarity from quote bubbles.
Mork always reported to Orson at the end of the show. This was sort of a way to summarize the show and teach a lesson to everyone.
I completely forgot about the kid on the show. The kid was Eugene, who took lessons from Cora (Mindy's grandmother) at Fred's (Mindy's father) music store.
The card backs featured either semi-bad attempts at humor or bits of info on the show and actors.
Mindy x 2...a card and a sticker.


Matt Runyon said...

nanu nanu

No matter how many movie roles Robin Williams has, I still think of him as Mork from Ork.

Mindy was one of my first television crushes. Whatever happened to Pam Dawber?

--David said...

I, too, had a crush on her! I've seen her on TV pitching for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, but can't remember how long ago it was.