Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Upper Deck NFL Draft

I bought this pack with the singular goal of pulling a card of Rutgers standout and Titans first round pick Kenny Britt. Because, you know, buying a pack of a 300 card set looking for one player is always a sound decision. On the Kenny Britt front, this pack was an unmitigated failure. Beyond that, well, judge for yourself.

2009 Upper Deck NFL Draft
$7 (yeah...$7)

Here are some guys that are not Kenny Britt.

#7 Michael Crabtree. Will be blown out of the water by the accolades of Kenny Britt.

#78 Arian Foster. Wishes he got to play in the same offense as Kenny Britt.

#80 Tyrell Sutton. Went to Northwestern, so he is obviously smart enough to realize how great Kenny Britt is.

#90 Keenan Lewis. Dreads the day that he might have to cover Kenny Britt.
#224 Ray Maualuga Scouting Report. The scouting report on Kenny Britt is that he is superman without a cape.

#3 Matthew Stafford (Purple?) Parallel /50. Kenny Britt would never be caught dead in purple.

#190 Philip Rivers. Says "Larry English? We drafted Larry English when Kenny Britt was still on the board?"

#141 John Parker Wilson. Knows deep inside that Kenny Britt would have saved him against Utah.

#192 Dwayne Bowe. Kenny Britt has no idea how Dwayne Bowe made the cut for this set.

#106 Xavier Fulton. Wants to block for whoever gets to throw to Kenny Britt.

Note: Due to my ineptitude in all things involving the internets, the draft of this post appeared for about 5 minutes earlier this evening. Anyone who might have seen it would note that my first go featured some rather caustic remarks about the set. I decided to change course, because you know, I'm a nice guy.

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