Sunday, June 14, 2009

1988 Panini Stickers

I officially have a nostalgia problem. This book and the stickers to adhere inside it was really the focus of my collection when I was a child. I have no idea where the originals are, but I remember the cover being ripped off and the team statistics on the inside cover being colored in for the league leaders.

I recently bought a new book and a 100 packs. This is the 7th pack I have opened.

Here is the wrapper. Donny Baseball on the front, an offer for an official World Series or All Star Game baseball from 1988 on the back (only $6.95 with 20 empty sticker packets). Each pack has six stickers;including one foil.

89-Darrell Evans: Detroit Tigers, representing third base on the all-underrated and nearly forgotten team. He was already 40, coming off a 34 home run season in 1987. He ended with 414 career HR and 1605 BB (11th all time).

Each team page had a double sticker action shot. This is on the A's page. I believe it's Alfredo Griffin tagging Mickey Brantley.

206-Scott Fletcher, Texas Rangers,I like the team logo. I don't really remember seeing him play. He was a decent hitting middle infielder.

38-Mike Witt, California Angels, one of the chosen few to throw a perfect game in his career, and also one of the more unlikely candidates, averaging 8.8 H/9 and 3.0 BB/9 for his career. He had a good run, throwing close to 250 innings for 5 years in a row in the '80s.

87-Walt Terrell, Detroit Tigers,showcasing a classic '80s 'stache. He was a league average pitcher for a couple years with the Tigers, but soon fell off the pace(career ERA+ of 93)

Here's my foil. It's not a very good one. The circle goes on this poster thing in the middle of the book. The pennant goes on the last page with all the other team pennants.

Only 93 packs to go!


Matt Runyon said...

I like those sticker sets. How many are in this set?

Dan said...

According to the sticker book, there's 480 possible stickers to get.

Laurens said...

Chuck Finley is actually pictured on Mike Witt's sticker.