Monday, June 01, 2009

2009 Bowman Retail

A trip to Target today looking for '09 Series 2 failed, so I picked up one pack of '09 Bowman just to have something new to open.

Before this pack the only Bowman I've ever opened was 1989, so pardon me if I say anything stupid about these cards, because honestly I'm confused. Let's have a look...

209 Luke Montz - I know there have been a few around the blog world that don't like these cards, but despite my confusion over all the inserts and whatnot, I like this design. It reminds me a bit of old Donruss.

81 Ryan Doumit
BP66 Jarred Bogany

BW17 Chenhao Li - World Baseball Classic. These don't have the printed signature that the other cards do.

BP57 Anthony Ortega - Gold parallel, or just a gold bordered card?

BCP58 Wilin Rosario - Shiny

BCW3 Concepcion Redriguez - Shiny and refractory... doesn't show well, but it's a refractor... oooooh, I don't care.

188 Kevin Youkilis - I'm still pleased with how nice Topps photography is this year, and there really wasn't a bad picture in this pack. Well done, Topps, well done.

48 Phil Hughes
84 Marlon Byrd

I probably won't buy any more of this stuff, but I like it well enough. I'd have been happier to buy a few packs of Series 2 than this though.

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