Thursday, June 25, 2009

1992 Hildebrandt Collector Cards

Put on your invisibility cloaks and grab your 12 sided dice, because it's time to enter the fantasy world of artist Greg Hildebrandt.

I've never heard of these cards or of this guy befo
re, but a quick Google search later and I have all the information I need. Greg along with his brother Tim have a very impressive resume' of work with Marvel, DC, Lucas Films, Magic The Gathering...the list goes on and on.

Not knowing what was in store for me I tore in and this is what was inside.

#5 - Seduction (1982)

#24 - Dracula: A View of Horror (1985)

#46 - Sinbad (1984)

#50 - Robin Hood: King Richard Meets the Outlaws (1989)

#79 - Pinocchio: Pinocchio Tells a Lie (1986)

#30 - Poe: The Premature Burial (1986)

#36 - Phantom of the Opera: The Red Death (1988)

#8 - Floating Planet (1971)

#13 - Krull II (1982)

#68 - Alice: "Drink Me" (1990)

Final Thoughts: Everyone of these cards could pass for any album cover from an 80's metal band like DIO or Manowar. I will say though that these cards are very nice looking and badass to boot, just look at the Red Death card. I might even try and track down a box of these or at least a few more packs, I mean there are only 90 cards in the whole set so why the Hell not.


MattR said...

I knew that name sounded familiar. Greg Hildebrandt did the cover art for Black Sabbath's Mob Rules (1981) album

B. Wags said...

Fantastic album and great memorable cover art.

White Sox Cards said...

That Pinocchio card looks absolutely perverse!