Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2007 UD Masterpieces Hobby

I got this pack free from Dave & Adam's for buying a box of Timelines last Christmas. I opened it up, gave it a quick look through and put it aside to tear open my Timelines. I just made a Masterpieces trade and I needed the commons to send, so I thought I'd show it off before the cards go out.

29 Ken Griffey Jr.

Nice start to the pack, check out Adam Dunn in the on deck circle admiring junior's hit.

70 David Wright green frame

Goin' straight to Dinged Corners. Gotta get this thing out of my house.

86 2004 Red Sox Championship

There are a couple of these championship pile on cards in the set. I want a Masterpieces card of the '95 Braves with Ryan Klesko going WOOOOOO at the bottom of the pile.

21 Walter Johnson

Big Train! I like the advertisements in the background. I had a complete set of Masterpieces but a trading partner needed just the Train to complete his set, so I sent it off and bought a replacement I saw at a local card shop to finish off my set. Then I pulled the card in this pack. Then today I realized I didn't have a complete set at all! D'OH!!!

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