Saturday, June 20, 2009

2004 Yu-Gi-Oh! Santuario Antiguo Ia Edición (Ancient Sanctuary 1st Edition)

And now for something you don't see every day... Spanish Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards!

What these were doing in a Target 99¢ in my neck of the woods, I will never know. But hey, here ya go. One unusual foreign pack of cards to check off the list. And a an apparently decent one at that.

First and foremost, apologies in advance for my inability to list the company responsible for the Spanish Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, because I have no idea who did them, whether it was Upper Deck or Konami themselves. I couldn't make heads or tales of who distributed what where. If I find out or someone can tell me, I will edit the label accordingly. I do know they came out in the latter half of 2004 though, so that's settled this time.

Now a quick rundown of what to look for in this pack: 17 Raras (1:1 packs), 10 Super Raras (1:6 packs), 10 Ultra Raras (1:12 packs), 2 Secret Raras (1:24 packs... This is according to a random bit of information I happened upon researching this post, the back of the pack doesn't mention it.). Also there are 23 common SPs. I guess "uncommon" just doesn't cut it. I have no idea what the odds are on them, but they don't come in every pack, because I didn't get any, so apparently they are a tougher pull than regular rares... It totally makes sense probably. Maybe. To somebody.

(English names are in Parenthesis.)

AST-SP031 Rey Goblin (Goblin King)- In b4 Rey Mysterio joke. Y'know, because he's tiny and named Rey? *Wrestlecrap Crickets*

AST-SP036 Wok Mystik (Mystic Wok)

AST-SP083 Emisario del Oasis (Emmisary of the Oasis)

AST-SP047 Micro Rayo (Micro Ray)

AST-SP009 El Agente de la Fuerza – Marte (The Agent of Force – Mars)- Coolioz a Super Rare (of which there are 10 at 1:6 packs). The picture is holofoily, but you probably can't tell. Anyway, according to the checklist I got the English names from, I pulled the most valuable Super Rare at $25 (actually more valuable than two Ultra Rares and tied with three others). Nice! Thank you, whatever Magical Pricing Hat came up with those numbers. eBay here I come! =P

AST-SP096 Atacante Delta (Delta Attacker)

AST-SP059 Escorpión Demonio (Fiend Scorpion)

AST-SP108 Laberinto de la Pesadilla (Labyrinth of Nightmare)

AST-SP079 Momia Regenerativa (Regenerating Mummy)

These bring kinda nice memories of when I collected Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in the early days of the series' popularity. I think I had two-fifths of Exodia back in the day. I know I had it's head at least. I still have a stack of Shonen Jump promos from when I had a subscription to it, and a big stack of pretty beat up ones my brother had for reasons that escape me... so I may have more now than when I actually collected the stuff.

That's all she wrote for this pack break. Hope you enjoyed it. Next time I'll have some hockey for ya! And if you're nice, maybe even a hit.