Thursday, June 11, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 retail (again!)

I was at Wal Mart this morning buying some eggs and I noticed two old guys stocking the baseball card section. But they'd just gotten there and I didn't want to hang around so I figured I go back later and maybe get there before someone else searched through the box.

Well, I went back about 8pm, and the box had been rifled through, but I did manage to find five packs that were unmolested. So, here's one of them.

We all know what the wrapper looks like, so I'll skip that...

655 Bengie Molina

512 Steve Pearce
458 Jeremy Bonderman

466 Wilson Betemit

434 Detroit Power Authority (Carlos Guillen/Miguel Cabrera)
576 Don Wakamatsu
TTT35 Prince Fielder
403 Trevor Cahill
637 Donald Veal - mmmmmm baby cow
374 Kevin Kouzmanoff
467 Chris Volstad

514 Nick Hundley - This is a great shot! And yes, I like catchers in their gear.

Ok... over all, this pack sucked. I haven't opened the other four yet, but this one was a let down. Before these packs, I've bought one blaster, that's it. I had 65 cards of the set. There were six... SIX FREAKING DOUBLES, in this pack. And since the Topps Town card counts as one of the twelve, I only got five new cards. Grrrrr...

If anyone else is working on '09 Topps, here's a list of what I've got for trade. I'm sure it'll be updated later tonight if the other four packs are as bad.

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