Saturday, June 13, 2009

1990 Pro Set SuperBowl XXV 25th Anniversary Edition Pack

Going through the bargain bin at one of the local haunts I came across this little item. Judging from the packaging I am not entirely sure just what it is that Pro Set is promoting here. Is this a package of bubble gum that includes some SuperBowl XXV cards or is it a package of cards that comes with gum?
Nevertheless lets break it open and see what we have;

Here we have a perfect example of one of the most endearing aspects of card production in the '90s.


Now let's open the pack inside the pack;

Eight cards that help make up what I believe to be a 160-card set celebrating the Silver Anniversary of the SuperBowl. Some fairly decent photography on the fronts are matched by the standard player bio/info on the backs. What I do remember liking about the Pro Set design was their use of a head-shot of the player on the backs of the cards. Believe it or not in the early '90s this was innovative!

Card #145 - Super-Crowded

Card #56 - Forrest Gregg

Card #5 - Super-Facts

Card #102 - Willie Brown

Card #35 - Jim Plunkett

Card #92 - When "tough" meant looking mean and ugly. Ray Nitschke

Card #78 - The 6-0 lifetime w/ 5 K.O's, Wrestlemania 2 referee Ed 'Too Tall' Jones

Card #5 - Super-Puzzle

I have never been a fan of football cards and I can honestly say this has done nothing to sway my opinion. Lots of fun going down memory lane, not a bad design by Pro Set but I don't see this set getting any nearer completion anytime soon.


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Matt Runyon said...

I like the "historical sets". Kids (and adults) can learn a lot from a well-done set of cards.