Friday, June 12, 2009

2009 Bowman Draft Football

Like I promised, more new football! I've heard some good things about this, so let's see what happens! (and by the way, this post and a later one will test my ability to have a post publish at a time I choose, rather than right after I write it. I'm learnin' every day!)

#209 Quan Cosby (I remember seeing him with Bill Cosby at the NFL that was funny)
#212 Phil Loadholt (never heard of him. In fact, he doesn't even have stats on the back like other players...weird)
#170 LeSean McCoy (Haven't had to use the shift key that much in one name in a while)
Superlatives Insert #53 Aaron Curry
#121 Chris Wells kinda lighter brown parallel (pulled by a Michigan fan in Columbus...go figure)
#18 Matt Schaub
#9 Matt Ryan
#4 Tony Romo
#102 Jason Witten
#51 Ronnie Brown

Well there you have it. A bunch of rookies I've mostly heard of and some good veterans. See you next time!

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Captain Canuck said...

Phil Loadholt was a 2nd round pick of the Vikings, and is expected to start at Right Tackle for them this year.

By the way, 3 of my favourite players in one pack??? Ryan, Romo, and my boy Witten in ONE pack?!?!
You are very lucky....