Saturday, June 13, 2009

2009 Playoff Prestige Football

Even more new football! Don't worry, I promise a return to my regular baseball soon.
(may I draw your attention to the rather obvious Panini logo on the pack...something Donruss Elite didn't have...hmmm....)
#23 Brady Quinn (YES! A Brown! AND it's Brady! I also appreciate that they managed to use a picture from the one game ever the Browns wore brown pants...nice)
#80 Philip Rivers
#37 Ryan Grant
#3 Brandon Pettigrew Draft Insert (?)
Another deterrant to build with

#162 Kenny McKinley (how come I can't seem to pull many rookies I've heard of?)
#20 Carson Palmer
#77 Willie Parker
#100 Chris Cooley
I get a Brown, a Bengal and a Steeler in one pack. This overwhelming of opponents reminds me of the Browns when they play. Oh well!

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