Friday, June 12, 2009

2008 NHL Fan Pack

I found this pack while cleaning out my car. I have no idea where the hell it came from. Isn't that sad? May as well post it LIVE while game 7 is on. The pack is larger than a normal baseball card and is square instead of rectangular. There are Standees, Stickers, Tattoos, Trivia, Headlines & More! I better get all of that or I shall feel cheated. Let's open 'er up.

P11 Zdeno Chara Stand-up

This is a nice looking stand up. The whole thing is designed well and would probably be able to stand up better than most stand up cards. There's even detailed instructions on the back. I thought the Bruins would be in the Cup finals, but apparently all the bad mojo in Boston has migrated to that franchise.

Rock Paper Scissors game card

There is no rational explanation for this card. The back is better at least:

Here's the promised trivia. Can you get a hat trick? Don't cheat!

Burnaby Goes Joe Sakic's Way

I had no clue what the heck this headline meant until I read the back. Joe had a street named for him in his hometown. Seriously.

S12 Oilers Sticker

This is a nice freaking sticker! Dare I say, this is no sticker, this is a decal.


I have been reminded this almost constantly over the past year.

Ok, I got a standee, stickers, trivia, a headline and I guess the rock paper scissors game was the 'more'. So what's left?


Woooo! I like the Wings. Any team with the tradition of flinging cephalopods upon the rink is all right with me. Plus I kicked ass with them in EA NHL '94. This looks like an omen for game 7, but is the skull and cross bones, um, sticks bode ill for the Wings or Pens? Only time shall tell.

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