Tuesday, June 02, 2015

1991-92 Skybox Basketball Series 1

NBA Finals start on Thursday featuring Warriors and Cavaliers in best of 7 series. After graphically awesome debut set Skybox put second set with more arty graphics on white borders. This is series 1 and pack consist of 14 cards. Time to rip....
 149 Alec Kessler - You have the Skybox basketball swoosh and arty graphics. On back of card picture enlarged from their previous square. There's the nostalgia part with Kessler wearing NBA Inside Stuff shirt which used to be on TV on Saturday mornings. He went to medical school to become orthopedic surgeon after his playing career ended. Died in 2007 of heart attack.
166 - Randy Breuer
 344 - Stay in School: Science - nothing screams 90s card collection than PSA on it. This one about Staying in School with science as subject. Back of card mention Alec Kessler and Dan Schayes involved in college science fields.
82 - James Edwards
239 - Jerome Kersey - passed away earlier this year from pulmonary embolism caused by a blood clot
2 - Duane Ferrell
205 - Dennis Scott - nicknamed 3D for his three point shooting he had infamous meltdown at his basketball camp
222 - Cedric Ceballos
290 - A.J. English
304 - Darrell Walker (Top Rebounding Guard) - interesting card. Look at how many Hall of Famers he topped
40 - Stacey King - had include back shot of the card because he's boxing a bag
201 - Michael Ansley
243 - Anthony Bonner
252 - Wayman Tisdale - became jazz musician after his playing career recording 8 albums. Passed away in 2009.
33 - Kelly Tripucka

This pack is a trip with lots of colorful shapes, swooshes, swirls, and stars on these cards. It also had 3 deceased players. Touch of death on this pack?

Who's ready for the finals?

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Reds Card Collector said...

I was always a huge fan of 1990-91 Skybox. I just might have to track down that set for my collection. As for the 1991-92 Skybox, it's nice but doesn't quite live up to its debut from a year earlier.