Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby Pack

Today is the release date for 2015 Topps Archives Baseball.

I've been anticipating this set. I love the Fan-Favorites autographs... and this year features Will Ferrell cards and Autographs from his 10-teams-in-one-day Spring Training run.

So, here is a pack!

First we have Lonnie Chisenhall in the 1976 Topps Design. I don't know much about him other than the fact he got hit in the face with a pitch once.
Doug Fister was an AL Pitcher of the Month in 2011, and is regarded as one of the better fielding pitchers in the game today. This is also the 1976 Topps Design.
Dee Gordon is our third player in the 1976 Topps Design. He is the son of All-Star reliever Tom Gordon.
Curtis Granderson is shown here in the 1957 Topps Design.
Dustin Pedroia, the definition of "Scrappy", is shown here in the 1983 Topps Design. The 83 Topps Design was chose as a tribute to Tony Gwynn, who was a rookie in 1983.
 Julio Teheran is shown here in the 1957 Topps Design.
 Troy Tulowitzki completes our base cards in this pack in the 1983 Topps Design.
Woohoo! I got a Ferrell. Not an autograph but cool nonetheless. This is from his "stint" on the Padres in the 1983 topps design.
The back of the card highlights Ferrell's "Career Statistics".

Cool pack! You can check out the rest of my box break at Flapless Helmet.


The Junior Junkie said...

This is the first I'm seeing of the back of the Ferrell cards. LOL, for sure.

Twitch said...

Pedroia may look the part, but he is way, way too legitimately talented to be considered scrappy at all. He's already like 2/3 of the way to Hall of Fame second basemen numbers with probably another 5-7 productive years ahead of him.