Friday, June 26, 2015

1995 Fleer Ultra Series 1

Here's a nice steroid-era pack, 95 Fleer Ultra. Instead of showing the whole wrapper, I'm going to show the best part:
Good advice!
 Darryl Strawberry, a great model for the whole "Do Cards, Not Drugs" motto.
 Mark Whiten and Eddie Taubensee. The latter was once traded for Kenny Lofton.

 Darryl Hamilton, who tragically passed away this week, and Dan Wilson.
 Kevin "don't call me cracker" Ritz, and Pat Rapp, journeyman pitcher.
 Mike Bordick and Matt Walbeck. Bordick was a one-time all-star.
 My insert is Paul O'Neill.

And finally, Bob Wickman. Judging by the picture alone I wouldn't have guessed this was Bob Wickman.

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