Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 Topps Baseball Series 2 Retail Jumbo pack

This rarely happens to me, but I had to run down to the store to pick up some things for dinner and noticed that Series 2 was already sitting on the shelves.  Well the blasters, hanging boxes, and these jumbo packs.  I didn't see any of the 12 card retail packs, so I grabbed a couple of the jumbo packs.

 Just like Series 1 the only difference is the addition of the Series Two above the number on the back.

 Hard to tell from the scan but this Kyle Lohse card is a foil parallel.  And speaking of parallels..
 I'm not up on who's good with the Orioles, but I'll take a pink parallel in a retail pack.
 Of course there are the inserts.  Topps does offer us some new inserts and some continuation inserts.

One of the carry overs is the Highlight of the Year insert

 Another carry over and retail exclusive are these 1st Home Run inserts.

 The only new insert I snagged was this Willie Mays'  'Til it's Over inserts.  Love the subject, hate the design.  I'm not sure what Topps was going for here, but the cards just makes me say what???
 Of course this insert, like most of the inserts, has autograph, relic and auto relic parallels, but this card would have looked so much better had it been enhanced some way.  Or just designed better.
There you go, 36 cards from the card aisle


Dan said...

Very nice! I didn't see any of these while I was out today.

Brian said...

I didn't see any either - then again, still waiting for Archives to show up at the local Target as well...