Thursday, May 05, 2016

2014-15 Upper Deck Trilo3y

Random really should have selected this pack back on March 3rd. But here we are May 5th - oh well. I am posting this at 3:33, so we have that going for us.

2014-15 Upper Deck Trilo3y is another release from UD hockey line. I was trying to determine when this set first came out, but I am not sure. This could be the first year of its release. If someone knows for sure, you know how to use the comment box. Anyway, let's go for it.

So know you know that "Trilo3y" is not some frigging typo. It's the actual name of the release. Five cards in a pack which is far better than 3. You can call this is amid range release. I think the pack cost me a Hamilton. I can't remember.

It's like if SPx and Panini had a baby. You lose the background and get some GoT iron throne as the back drop. Only foil is the UD logo, set name and those 3 curved lines. At least the name is easy to read.

They really don't get that much better. As a set, this is ugly. It's the only word for it. I think the rookie autos are the draw, but it's not the design.

Ugly design + ugly alternate = total shite

Kari should get the start in game 4.

Even my beloved Hawks can't improve these things. Though Sebs looks better than the previous 4 cards. How about the backs?

Four years of stats and a total, with a really big head shot in a sepia tone. If you are paying attention, you'll notice this is the back of Blake Wheeler's card, yet I never showed the front. Needless to say, in a 5 card pack I got bonus cards. Yeah - cards. Plural.

There is the front of Blake. And my last bonus was an insert.

SUPER thick clear card. These Crystal cards fall one per box, so a decent pull of an OK rookie. He hasn't lived up to his 1st round draft selection in my opinion (Jeff may think differently), but he is young and improving. The card though....that font. (shakes head)

This set seems like a retread of Artifacts and unnecessary. But 7 cards from a 5 card pack. 7+5=12. 1+2=3.


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shoeboxlegends said...

I actually love those thick Crystal cards for some reason. Would certainly be willing to trade for that Namestikov if you ever want to part with it. Also, you nailed it, I will forever think of this as the Iron Throne set.