Sunday, May 01, 2016

Decision 2016 retail

 You may not have noticed but we have a presidential election coming up in November. Kidding of course.

 Topps had an election insert on it's Series 1 sell sheet, but ended up pulling it before release.  I personally abhor politics, especially this year,  but I love history and politics are a huge part of history so what's a boy to do?

Anyways with Topps deciding to delay or all together cancel any political inserts this year Brian Wallos decided to fill the void.  Who's that? You can read all about him and the set on the set's website here.  There are some really cool cards to be had in the set and if you love political history then this is right up your alley.  Unfortunately all the really cool cards are only found in hobby packs and I picked up a couple retail packs.  I have to say the set is done really well.  There are 135 base cards in the set, with cards 111-135 being short printed. Mixed into the main checklist are some subsets: The candidates, spouses, influencers, etc. The pack also proudly proclaims that the card are 100% American made, I wonder if that applies to the manurelics as well.  Let's see who I pulled.
 First up Ivanka Trump very lovely, just ask Donald.

My only insert is this Candidates Portrait of the Donald.

Overall the set looks great.  I like the concept and the over all quality of production is top notch.  I'm not a huge fan of dropping a lot of money on sets like this and I'll wait to see if this set hits the bargain bin come November.


Mark Kaz said...

Did you notice the UER on the Debates card? It lists "Walker" as one of the four, but that's not Scott Walker--it's Rick Santorum.

Tony Burbs said...

I'm glad you said something, Mark - I thought I was loosing it.

These cards are well-made and all, but they feel somewhat "tongue in cheek" - especially with that big "100% Made in America" badge you pointed out.

Also, yes, this election cycle isn't exactly making me proud of my country.

P-town Tom said...

I thought this was another one of those April Fools' Day posts, but then I realized it's May 1st and not April 1st. I guess I'm the fool.

Mike Matson said...

Only in America, I guess.. lol

I don't know about this set.. Just seems really odd..

JediJeff said...

You beat me to posting this pack, but your pack is even worse than mine. At least I got one Dem. Yours is nothing but crap.