Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1991 Topps Desert Storm

I've actually got two packs of these, but will save the other pack for another post. I was actually surprised these hadn't been posted on here before, so I am pleased to be able to show 'em off first.

The first item in the pack is a sticker - of the American Flag! Wahoo!!

Up next, a French Mirage Fighter. The back of the card gives a description, plus vital stats like Armament, Max speed, range (unavailable - DUH!), and contractor. Contractor!?

The destroyers shown below do not feature vital stats, only a description on the back. Evidently, we didn't want to give EVERYTHING away...

This card shows a group of soldiers "Manning the M-110." That is no easy task!

Here, we have a Phoenix Missile:

And a shot of the sun setting over the desert... All I see is the sun and a radar tower.

Hey, it's POTUS!

A cool shot of an E3A patrolling the airways:

And the last picture is the USS Midway. I just so happened to have been on this little puppy a couple years ago while at a conference in San Diego! How cool to have a card of it!!

I think it was a heck of a marketing ploy for Topps to produce trading cards of a wartime effort. Talk about your propaganda! Whether you agreed with the fight or not, the simple fact is: when Uncle Sam calls on you to produce cards, step up and make your money.


madding said...

These came out back when I started working at the local card shop. I remember us pushing these hard. Some guys were pretty hardcore about trying to put together the whole set.

kevincrumbs said...

I just always think of the movie "Garden State".

Todd Uncommon said...

I remember when people would really try to push the Norman Schwarzkopf, or even the less inspiring elder Bush as "rookie" cards. $20 price tags on the general in 1992 were not unheard of.

It's actually funny looking at the Dick Cheney card, when he was SecDef at the time, through the prism of his time as Vice President.