Saturday, July 11, 2009

1995 Fleer / Revco Update Cleveland Indians

#3 Albert "See my muscles" Belle

Fleer, Revco Drug Stores and the Cleveland Indians combined forces to present this update set in 1995. Produced by Fleer and sold through Revco and Indian outlets, this set updates the emerging Indian championship team.

The checklist is printed on the back of the wrapper.....

....along with this bit of wisdom. Too bad more of the players didn't follow this advice.

The cards are basically the same as the '95 Fleer base set, but have silver foil instead of gold and are numbered "x" of 20. Also, Dave Winfield, is now in a Cleveland uniform. Each pack has 10 cards and, if you pick the right two packs, you'll have a complete set.

#4 Mike Clark

#5 Alvaro Espinoza

#6 Wayne Kirby

#7 Kenny Lofton

#8 Dennis Martinez

#9 Jose " not on a steeek" Mesa

#10 Eddie Murray

#11 Charley Nagy

# 12 Tony Pena


Matt Runyon said...

I hadn't seen those before. That is an ugly set. :(

Anonymous said...

Ugly set, but check out the specs on Espinoza!

Don said...

What do you all think a complete mint set would or could sell for today? I can't find ANY pricing information.