Friday, July 31, 2009

2009 Donruss Wrapper Redemption Pack

So I've been reading about some of y'all out there who really wish they could be at the National here in Cleveland, so I figured I'd show some of what's available! One of the most popular programs each year is the wrapper redemption programs each manufacturer has. While most require a full box to receive the prize, you only have to bring five sealed 2009 packs to the Donruss/Panini booth to redeem the redemption pack, which is mostly an update of pics and what not to the Donruss Elite set. So, after buying five packs of this year's Donruss Classics, this is the pack I received:

#138 Hakeem Nicks
From what I understand, these are basically the Donruss Elite cards with the guys in their NFL uniform. There are other cards to be had, such as some basketball preview cards, some Americana cards and even autographs. Unfortunately, you're not seeing any of that here. However, I did get...

#227 Jason Smith Aspirations parallel #'d to 50
(trust me, those side bars are bright blue and say "Aspirations," it just doesn't show up well)
The one thing I don't get is how each card is serially numbered XXX/999 or XX/50. I'm guessing that does that only 999 or 50 copies exist of each, but the numbering throws me...

Enjoy your weekends, and may they involve many more cards!

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madding said...

Ahh, that's too bad. I really want to see the basketball preview stuff.