Saturday, July 18, 2009

2007 Topps Turkey Red (retail)

I didn’t even know that they had packs of this for sell. I only thought they came in inserts of other packs.

This is a retail pack that lists 8 cards. Packs with a relic contain 7 cards. The 2007 series is modeled after the 1911 T-3 cabinet cards.

Okay let’s get started.

First card is a David Eckstein card # 87. He’s bunting and looks a little to focused on the task at hand. A little creepy to me. The Turkey Red logo is different on this series than the later ones.

The first thing I notice about this card is the painted shadow behind him. I think these cards look a little more like drawings than the newer Turkey Reds.

#86 David Dejesus. Sequential numbering and sequential Davids’.
A really nice horizontal card with a strip of bright light behind DeJesus. I guess this supposed to be fans sitting in the stands? It’s hard to tell, but it looks cool.

#20 Alex Rodriquez
It doesn’t really look like him much unless you really squint your eyes. Slightly awkward pose, but a really cool stadium background.

# 142 Jered Weaver. This card looks a little like current Turkey Reds with the subdued dark background. In his white uniform Jered really pops out of the background.

#115 Prince Fielder Dick Perez sketch

#170 Hanley Ramirez Dick Perez sketch
#26 Frank Thomas

#156 Travis Hafner

This card is awesome!!! For someone interested in photography like me, this is a funny card to have. The big shadow on the left is the first thing I noticed, but later I noticed the shadow of the “cameraman” on Hafner’s leg.

All in all it looks like a good set. At first I wasn’t digging the borders much, but they grew on me.

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