Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2007 Topps Baseball Promo Pack

In honor of today being the first day of the National Sports Collectors Convention here in Cleveland (and that I'm attending tomorrow!), I've got a pack I got in 2007, the last time Cleveland hosted. At the card company booths, they were handing out stuff left and right. I got about 15 of these packs at the time from the Topps booth. They're little clear packs with four cards from mostly (it seems) just series 2. So let's see what free giveaways gets ya!

#505 Jose Bautista - The joy of sports photography is capturing such seemingly impossible things, such as the angle of his arm on this card.
#353 Kyle Lohse - Lots of people don't like this design, but I find it rather nice. Not their best, but not that bad.
#371 Kenny Lofton - KENNY! Sure, it shows him as a Ranger, but 2007 was the year of his return to Cleveland! Ah, good times...good times...
#658 Classic Combos Aaron Rowand/Jimmy Rollins - Not a bad pairing, but this pic looks like Rowand's giving Rollins his glove after a third out. Not exactly a photo-worthy moment to me...
So there you have it! Free stuff always rocks, doesn't it? Enjoy the National (for those who are attending), and for those who can't, I leave you with the motto of Cleveland sports (and other cities too, I know, but it always is used here): There's always next year!

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--David said...

Woohoo! Anytime you get Kenny in a pack, it's a good one!