Tuesday, May 01, 2012

2006 Bazooka Baseball (Hobby)

Well, I don't think I can follow the A-Team Pack with any dignity, but nevertheless I have a pack of 06 Bazooka Baseball today.
I feel like the Bazooka sets are what Topps Opening Day SHOULD be. Fun sets aimed at a slightly younger audience. I wouldn't mind them altering Topps Opening Day and giving it a slightly more "fun" design, much like the old Bazooka sets. But that probably won't happen. Anyway, onto the pack.
Boom, the real pack hit. Piece of gum. I'm not touching this. I tried some 81 Fleer once. Never again.
This is a Miguel Tejada ASG MVP comic. I feel like autographed Bazooka comics would be cool... do these exist? Anyone ever get a TTM on one of these?
Next we have the blue parallel of Jhonny (no, spellcheck) Peralta. Gotta love a shortstop who can field .988 and hit 21 dingers in the same season.
Here's a base card of Red Sox expatriate Jonathan Papelbon. A nice shot of the signature stare.
Next up is Tadahito Iguchi. This guy played part of four seasons in the MLB and picked up two rings in the process (White Sox, Phillies). Sort of unfair when you think of Jim Thome who missed those WS teams just barely. But baseball isn't fair.
Aubrey Huff in a Rays uni is up next. Aubrey is having a tough time with baseball (and life) right now, suffering from anxiety after a terrible 2011.
Here is our copper/gold/brown parallel of Brad Lidge (known, out of frustration, as Bad Lidge during the end of his Phillies tenure), current setup/closer for the Nats.
Yet another current Nat, Mike Morse is our second to last card. He was good for 31 dingers, a .303 average, and 95 RBI in 2011.
And finally we have a rookie card of the currently struggling Jose Bautista. His cards are somewhat underpriced given the past two seasons (his RC books at $1) but only time will tell if his recent success will last. Not a bad pack.


6,000,000 Cards and Counting... said...

it still weirds me out seeing Bautista in a Pirates uni!

Punchy Sam said...

Its weird how he was over there flying under the radar for a while and then just broke out in Toronto.

Dale Smith said...

Lovely just what I was looking for!