Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Topps Archives Value Pack

Here's the first value pack I purchased of Archives.  You are getting 14 cards in these for $5.29 which is a few less cards than products like Heritage which give you 16 in the value packs.  I've split these up in to the year groups the cards are modeled after.

I received four from 1954 design:

And three from the 1971 Topps design...I think I'm going to go for all the cards from this section of the set which is card #51-100.  The Reggie Jackson is my favorite that I've pulled overall from this product.

Next we have three from the 1984 design and I'm happy to have pulled an Eric Hosmer.

And finally three from the 1980 design which is my least favorite of the four designs Topps decided to use in the set.

My final card is one of the Fan Favorite subset which makes up the final 40 cards in the set. 

I pulled a 1988 Andy Van Slyke which looks very similar to the real 1988 version but the fonts and photos are slightly different.  

I also bought a single retail pack in which I actually hit some MOJO...but we'll have more on that later.  


Cory said...

That's what I hate about this set.

There is no reason to mess with the fonts.

They are your sets, Topps! You don't have to take artistic license with your own product.

They made them look like cheap knock off cards.

Should have used the same stock from previous archives sets as well.

lisa said...

hi there
is the brett gardner available?