Monday, August 05, 2013

1970 Topps The Black Hole

I have been doing some spending of credits on Listia, trying to get anything decent because the crap is so overpriced. I scored this pack of Black Hole for APTBNL, only to discovered it has been ripped already! No matter - let's do it again.

10 cards, one sticker, one piece of gum. More like 32 little pieces of stale gum. TASTY!

Ernest Borgnine first out of the pack, sharing his card with V.I.N.CENT - Vital Information Necessary CENTralized.

A DUPE!!! Yes - this card was posted in the other pack. Oh well. I believe this is Lt. Pizer. I do know you see V.I.N.CENT in the back right behind B.O.B. - BiO-sanitation Battalion.

Dupe #2. So 70s, these cards are. Pretty much the Star Wars template in purple.

Dupe #3. I wonder what the ratio is of portrait cards versus landscape, cuz I got a lot of landscape. You can tell with the dupes we could pack search if we wanted back in the 70s.

Dupe #4. FEAR MY CHAMBER! In all truth, I like this movie, except for the last freaky 15 minutes. For those that never saw it, remember the boat ride in Willie Wonka? All the freaky, psychedelic lights and bizarre images? That's the last 15 minutes of The Black Hole. The back of the cards had at least two puzzles. I know this because of a blue border and a yellow border. The back of The Fear Chamber shows us the completed blue border puzzle.

This is the ship of the man antagonist Dr. Reinhardt, called Cygnus. Not to be confused with the 28 min long Rush jam of a similar name. And yes - Cygnus X-1 is the black hole at the center of the constellation Cygnus. Back to the cards.

Sticker, I mean. You could ride V.I.N.CENT should you need to. Pizer trying to make it 8 seconds.

There it is - the black hole that Dr. Reinhadt is shooting for.

The late 70s hottie Dr. Kate McCrae. She has ESP skills. Don't stare too long are her eyes.

Here is a scene from early in the movie. The protagonists are on their own ship, Palomino. They discover the Cygnus by the black hole, go in to investigate and damage their ship. Luckily, the Cygnus pulls them back to safety. Or was it lucky?

Lt. Pizer hot pack! And yup, V.I.N.CENT is upside down. The put out plastic models of V.I.N.CENT and I constructed one.

What's a bad guy without his heavy? Meet Maximillian. He will mess you up just for looking cross at him. He had spinning hands of death. Total bad ass.

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The Big Kahuna said...

This was one of my first favorite sci fi movies. My mother bought a lot of the cards for me back then. She also bought me a bunch of the star wars movies cards as well. I love watching the Black Hole. They were supposed to do a remake of it but nothing has come about yet. Thanks for bringing back some really good memories!