Saturday, August 24, 2013

2013 Topps MLB Chipz

Baseball Dad recently posted about a pack of these little doozies, so I thought I would pick up a pack and post about it here (as well as use it for a season break pack on my site). 

These are 2013 Topps MLB Chipz. Each pack includes 4 Chipz, one team logo "sticker," and a game board with instructions. Let's start there. The game board is a folded heavy paper with a baseball diamond and some numbers printed on it:

There is also a place to record inning scores and overall scores. So, how do you play the game? Well, actually, there at least three ways:

Anyone remember POGS? Evidently, Topps didn't get the memo that no one plays POGS anymore. In the heyday of POGS, though, these would have been awesome. Today, they are not really on the scale of "awesome," but they are neat collectibles.  So, what about the chips, er Chipz?

Each Chipz piece has a player on the front. Most are a glossy photo. Some, like the Lawrie above, have a rough texture to them. Why the rough texture? Because that one GLOWS in the dark. Sorta. The light effect you see above is the part that kinda sorta glows if you hold in sunlight for a few minutes then look at it quickly in the closet with all the lights off and the door shut. The effect does not last long, and is very hard to replicate with the lighting indoors - at least in my house, anyway.  As you can see, the logo "sticker" above is stuck over the face of one player. It peels off easily because it isn't a sticker. It is a vinyl cut-out a' la Colorforms (if you are old enough to know what those are/were).

They make for interesting conversation pieces, and I will certainly be looking to pick up the Indians players (if there are any) from the set.

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