Friday, August 23, 2013

1990 Post Cereal Baseball


Hope everyone is ready for the weekend.  I'm ready, so I'm putting up a quick one's 1990 Post Cereal Baseball!

It's another one of those oddball sets, put in packages of various Post cereals.  Looking at the roster of cereal, I'm not sure I can pinpoint a possible brand that we would have convinced our mom to buy for us (we did not consume large quantities of Fruity Pebbles and Honey-Comb).  Since I found 2 cards in the never-ending reorganization project, I'm showing 2 cards:

#10 - Darryl Strawberry
#24 - Eric Davis

Since once again these are not authorized by MLB, you get the players wearing generic shirts and hats.  As usual, to the younger me, I did not notice this until much later.  Here are the backs:

Nice job with the complete stats and the facsimile signature.  I even liked that they altered the color used on the stat lines for easier reading.

There were 30 cards in the set, which of course included the bigger stars of the game at that time.  Click here if you want to see a checklist.

Anyway, that's it for now.  More later.  Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


Jerry Yeager said...

I have this set. Did not eat enough cereal to get a set, acquired it otherwise. But I thought that set was MLB authorized but not player or team authorized.

--David said...

I miss Post cereal cards... I wish Topps/Post would bring 'em back!